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How to stay fit and healthy after 50: best diet and exercise

Our slogan is “Getting old is Mandatory, but feeling old is optional”. So even at the age of 70 you can be and feel young and vigorous. You could enjoy life to its fullest at this age, that is why we call it Sweet 70. This website is all about how to feel young, whatever your age. The secret of being young forever is looking after your health and keeping fit.

So ‘PapaFit.com’ is all about how to stay healthy fit as we grow older. We can enjoy life to our fullest and still be healthy. All we have to do is follow some simple rules in life, especially what we eat and drink. To stay fit, we just need to do just a little bit of exercise a day. This website will guide you to what we should be eating and drinking and how we can stay fit with some easy exercise, even if it is just 5 minutes exercise a day.

We have answers to common everyday health questions as detailed below:

What are Calories and how to manage Calorie intake

How do you know if your calories in and calories out are out of balance. The only way is to have an approximate idea of the calories burnt and calories consumed daily. How you can do this is explained in our page on calories

Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

Recent research has proven that Type-2 Diabetes can be cured and you can stop all diabetic medication. See our page on the cure for Diabetes

Best foods to eat to stay healthy and fit

What are the best foods to eat to stay healthy and fit. We have a page about some of the healthiest food you can have daily to stay healthy. …. MORE

How much cholesterol comes from food

It seems that all this while we were being fooled into thinking that Cholesterol in our body is due to the food we eat. It now turns out that the Cholesterol in our body is made by our liver and has nothing to do with the food we eat.

Wholesome food like eggs, milk and butter which were avoided by us, is not the reason we have high Cholesterol. So don’t be afraid of Cholesterol, eat wholesome food. It is not good to have very high cholesterol in our blood, but the food we eat is not responsible for the high cholesterol in our body. ……MORE

Easy exercises to do at home for seniors

As far as exercise is concerned, walking for 30 minutes to an hour is very good. But walking may not be possible everyday due to weather conditions or just plain laziness. Is there some way we can stay fit with just a few minutes of exercise in the comfort of our house and not requiring any machines like a jogging or rowing machine? Yes, there is. This new magical exercise is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The essence of HIIT exercise is to get completely out of breath with short bouts of exercise. When our body reaches that state when we are out of breath, literally gasping for breath, some magic happens to our body. Yet unknown hormones or whatever, helps to strengthen our body and make us fit. …. MORE

Is it ok to have a drink every night

The general consensus among doctors is that it is it OK to have a drink every night. Our page about alcohol consumption discussed this issue in detail. …… .MORE

How bad is salt for health

Things have changed, Salt is not bad anymore!
Many large scale research projects have concluded that being on low sodium diet is actually bad for the heart. …… MORE

Can baldness be cured: Yes, may be

An accidental discovery holds promise of a cure for hair loss and may be, regrowth of hair on bald heads. ….. MORE

Asthma, there may be a simple cure for Asthma

Some Asthmas may be caused by a lack of some good germs in our system which can be cured by visiting a dairy farm ….. MORE

Arthritis unconventional treatment

Some research points to the fact that Arthritis may be a bacterial infection which can be cured with Antibiotics and other unconventional treatment ….. MORE

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