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Easy Exercise to do at home, Wall Push Ups and squatting

Exercise is essential for us to stay fit and to have a longer life expectancy. To stay fit during our senior years, we need not go to a gym or do hectic exercise. For Senior Fitness, walking is one of the best forms of exercise. New research suggests that just 10 minutes of a new method of quick exercises known as ‘High Intensity Interval training’ (HIT) is very effective as explained on our page on Home Exercises. For Senior Fitness, in addition to the daily walks and the Interval Training, do the following easy exercise to keep fit with minimal effort.

Wall Push Ups Benefits

Wall Push ups are an ideal way to strengthen your upper body and arms. This is the ideal exercise for those who cannot do or risk the floor push ups.

Wall Push Ups or Push Ups against Wall are easy to do and is great for people who are not able to do a regular floor push ups. To begin, start by standing next to a wall, facing it at arms length, and place your hands on the wall as if to push it, as in the image above. Now slowly lean forward with your body weight coming on to your hands. Then push against the wall while leaning against it, keep pushing for about 30 seconds with about 75% of your strength while holding your breath. Then go back to normal position and breathe normally for 10 to 15 seconds. Then repeat the exercise a few times.

During wall push up exercise if you keep your feet flat on the floor, while you are leaning forward, your leg calf muscles gets stretched, and it is good for those muscles which normally tend to cramp up or get a muscle catch when squeezed. The further you are from the wall the more difficult it gets. Do not go too far from the wall. You should be using about 75% of your strength, and do it slowly. While doing this, take a deep breath just before you start and hold it for a few seconds. This is a type of ‘isometric’ or ‘static’ strengthening exercise and keeps your hands and upper part of your body strong. Wall Push Ups benefits will be felt a few days after starting this exercise. The benefits of wall push ups include your whole hand becoming stronger and being able to grip much more tightly.

Sit Ups and Squatting Exercise benefits

Sit Ups and Squatting are one of the most easy exercises and is extremely good for Pelvic Floor Muscles strengthening, preventing Constipation, and painful Hemorrhoids.

Squatting is the most natural of human postures. For millions of years, human beings relaxed by squatting. They even used to sleep squatting, ready to run at the first sign of danger. Some jungle people still live like this. Modern human beings gave up the habit of squatting, when the chair was invented. Till about 150 years ago, our ancestors would have squatted for at least a few moments daily, when they went to Defecate (or in not so polite a language – to have a shit). But this changed when the modern toilet was invented about 150 years ago. Squatting Exercise benefits far exceeds the simple nature of this exercise.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Tone and How to Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles

By not squatting or sitting on their haunches, modern humans have weakened their Pelvic Floor Muscle Tone. This is a group of muscles at the bottom of our body near the pelvic region, and is like a hammock bed supporting our internal organs – the stomach, urinary and sexual organs. These are an important group of muscles, which, when it becomes weak, causes problems with control of holding urine (incontinence) and in losing strength in the muscles used when defecating (shiting). The weakening of these muscles is also a major reason for problems like constipation and hemorrhoids (piles). Benefits of squatting exercise includes strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles. How to exercise pelvic floor muscles is now simply question of sqatting a few minutes every day. These simple exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles should not be ignored, especially by senior women.

Doctors now prescribe special exercises to strengthen the Pelvic Floor muscles, like the Kegel exercises, to help the modern generation with their ever increasing problems of incontinence (not being able to control or hold urine). It has been found that rural people in India and China are almost free of problems like Incontinence, Constipation and hemorrhoids in the elderly. This is attributed to their habit of squatting not only while defecating, but also when doing their daily chores or housework.

It may not be possible for us now to get rid of our modern sitting toilets. So we recommend that everyone should mimic our ancestors and simply squat on the floor for a few minutes daily. Our ancient ancestors actually went to sleep in this position.

But many of us can’t sit on our haunches. So we can start by first sitting on a chair in slow motion. Try to stay still, in a position where your bottom is just above the chair, for about 30 seconds. After you are able to do this, try with lower chairs, and then try squatting by holding on to a support or with the help of someone. After a few days of this it should be possible to squat on your haunches without assistance. It may take you weeks to finally be able to sit on your haunches, but the effort will keep you fit for the rest of your life. Make it a daily routine to do at least 10 Sit Ups, the standing up and squatting sequence, and then sit on your haunches for at least 2 minutes daily.

Sitting on your haunches or Squatting for these few minutes daily is very good for Pelvic Floor Muscles Strength and prevents Constipation and Hemorrhoids. With the strengthening of the Pelvic Floor muscles, later on in life, will save you from the embarrassment of suffering from incontinence and will also help in not having constipation by strengthening the anal muscles. There is also improved circulation in the ano-rectal region which is a relief for sufferers of Hemorrhoids or Piles. It also helps in relieving back aches by stretching and strengthening the muscles in your back and lower lumbar region.

Tennis Ball Squeeze

Get two old tennis balls and hold them in the palm of each hand and squeeze with about 75% of your strength and hold on for about 20 seconds to a minute. While doing this, also take a deep breath and hold your breath. This again is a static isometric exercise and is designed to strengthen your hands.

Interval Training is the new mantra or magic in exercise. It is a revolution in the physical fitness world. We explain all about it on our page on Interval Training

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