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How to be cured from Diabetes

What is Diabetes? Everyone knows the answer to it - High Sugar in the blood. So if the sugar level in the blood is within limits always, you are not a diabetic anymore, you are completely cured. So the simplest cure for diabetes is to stop eating sugar, grains or anything which turns into glucose/sugar in the blood. That means if you stop eating Carbohydrates or Carbs like sugar, bread, rice, chapatis, pasta, etc. you will be completely cured of diabetes.

If the cure for diabetes is so simple, then why are so many still suffering from diabetes? Because the common belief among people and many doctors (even Now!) is that you cannot survive without carbs - grains and sugars in your diet. They believe that sugar or glucose in the blood is needed by your body to make energy and for your brain and other organs to survive. So you need to eat carbohydrates like sugar, wheat, rice, grains, etc.

We have heard of ‘Essential Oils’ and ‘Essential Amino Acids’ (Amino acids are the building blocks of Protein) but never of an ‘Essential Carbohydrate’. Humans can survive without eating any Carbs. For example, the Eskimos living in the North Pole survived without any Carbs for thousands of years, living on a high fat high protein diet of fatty fish and animal meats. The Eskimo way of eating is known as the ‘Inuit Diet’. The Eskimos were extra healthy people living long lives with no incidence of heart disease or cancer till modern civilisation reached them and gave them Carbs - Sugar, Bread, Pizzas, etc. Now the Eskimos suffer the same fate as we modern humans with diseases like cancer, heart problems, etc.

Fat is your body's reserve source of energy. When you have no glucose in the blood, the body uses the stored fat in your body to convert it into energy and water. Just like the camel which can survive in the desert for many days without food or water by using the reserve fat stored in its hump, human beings can also survive for long using the fat stored around your belly or other places in your body. This is how human beings survived for millions of years. Modern man's existence is not more than a few thousand years, before that for millions of years we were living off the land as nomads.

Modern lifestyle only 1/1000 th of our evolution.

The picture above is a representation of the evolution of human beings. Human beings became civilised, storing food in granaries and growing livestock and living in communities in villages and cities for only about 5000 years. Before that, for about 5 million years, we were getting evolved from monkeys to human beings. During this period, Humans were nomads, hunting and living off the land. 5000 years of civilisation is only 1000th of the 5 million years of evolution of humans. Evolution has designed human bodies to work on the principle of feasting and fasting. Whenever they found a source of food, they would feast on it and get fat. After that it will be starving or fasting till they found their next source of food. When they eat plenty of food, they store excess energy as fat and when starving, they use this fat to survive for many days of starvation.

Diet to cure Diabetes type 2

So the human body is well adapted to use fat as a source of food. We can live a healthy diabetic free life by having a low carb or carbohydrate diet, without eating things like sugar, starch (rice, wheat flour, etc.). We must substitute our body’s energy source from Carbs to Fats and Proteins.

With this diet your Type 2 Diabetes will disappear and you can stop taking all diabetic medication. This has been proven by many field trials. Please find below the video of a TED talk at Purdue University by one of the leading exponents of low carb diet as a treatment for Type-2 Diabetes, Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg at TEDxPurdueU talk about cure for Type 2 Diabetes

I will also add my own experience. I am a 75 year old grandfather and a retired Mechanical Engineer, suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure CHF. I have had Diabetes for about 35 years now and on medication - mainly sulfonylurea and Metformin 2000mg daily, till just over 2 weeks back when I stopped all diabetic medicines and started going on a Ketogenic Diet.

How to improve Ejection Fraction in CHF

I am also a heart patient with chronic CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) whose EF (Ejection Fraction) was below 30 just about 2 months back, but now EF has increased to 40 by using Supplements in addition to the normal heart medicines (Entresto or Vymada in India, Clopidogrel, Aspirin, Cardivelol) . I have been on this Cardiac medication for well over 5 years. This included the current best medicine for CHF, Entresto (Vymada in India). My EF was going down steadily from 42 after my bypass surgery in 2008. When Entresto (Vymada in India) was added to my treatment about 5 years ago my EF was 40. In May 2019 when I did my Echo EchoCardiogram the EF was 30. Maybe the Entresto (Vymada in India) was not working on me because I could not tolerate more than 100mg twice daily due to low BP problems. Anyway, just like what I did for a diabetic cure, I Googled for ways to improve CHF Ejection Fraction and found some evidence of improvement in EF with use of some over the counter Supplements. I started taking these supplements from about the 15th July 2019. When I did my last EchoCardiogram on 28 August 2019, the result was just amazing, my Ejection Fraction EF increased to 40. May not sound much of an improvement from 30 to 40 in about 6 weeks of Supplements, but it is a huge 33% improvement from the 30 just a few months ago. I am making a page about my own experience improving EF in CHF (Ejection Fraction in Congestive Heart Failure) and will be published in the next few days on this website.

Cure type 2 Diabetes with Keto Diet

This is my personal experience of being cured of Type 2 Diabetes. In May 2019 I had terrible night muscle cramps and started losing weight. Doctors asked me to have Magnesium supplements, in addition to my normal medication including Metformin, which I have been having for almost 35 years. The addition of Magnesium did not solve the problem, the Muscle Cramps continued and I felt sicker as the days passed. So I decided to do something about it by doing Google Research about my condition. I got to know about how Metformin can cause muscle cramps and that it could be a symptom of the dangerous Lactic Acidosis, a life threatening side effect of Metformin. My doctors did not warn me about this. So with these findings I decided that the healthy way of life forward for me was to stop all diabetic medication, and get myself cured of diabetes forever.

NOTE: Just a quick note about Metformin. Metformin is a super drug which helps you to live longer healthy life with better cognitive functions and free from diseases like Cancers, Heart disease, Alzheimer, Dementia and many other age related problems. In most people, there are no side effects, only mild problems like stomach upset and diarrhea during the initial stages. Some, like me, suffer a serious side effect known as Lactic Acidosis. I was one of the rare unlucky one to have suffered Lactic Acidosis and had to stop taking Metformin. Anyway, this led me to the Low Carb diet which has cured me of my diabetes problem. Maybe my Lactic Acidosis problem with Metformin was due to the fact that I was taking too high a dose of Metformin - 2 gms/day. I am going to take smaller doses of Metformin together with the low carb diet I am on now and see what happens. The beneficial effects of Metformin are too good to miss out on! I have just created a new page on Metformin, the anti-ageing wonder drug.

To continue, Google search yielded thousands of claims of diabetic cure including alternative medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and even yoga. One of my Google research findings interested me and that was the low carbohydrate diet, which sounded sensible and made scientific sense. Even though a bit sceptical at first, I continued my Google research about low carb diet and finally landed on the Youtube video of Dr. Sarah Hallberg (shown above) at the TEDxPerdue presentation. This video convinced me that this was not an internet scam, but a real cure for diabetes. So, I decided to follow the strict low Carb Diet suggested by Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

I started the low carb or Ketogenic diet on 20th August 2019. The first week was the most difficult period with pangs of hunger and a feeling of weakness. After the first week you feel much more energetic and healthier. Gone was my constant stomach gas problems, intermittent constipation and diarrhea. I stopped all diabetic medicines 24 hours after the start of this diet and kept a regular check on my sugar levels 3 or 4 times a day during the first 3 days. The sugar levels varied between below 90 mg/dL and 120 mg/dL, and have remained steady till the time of going online today, the 5th of September 2019 (16 days into the low carb Keto Diet). I believe I will not have to take Diabetic medication from now on as long as I stick to this low carb Keto diet. It is a problematic diet to follow, but considering the alternative, a life of Diabetes with Metformin and Muscle cramps, I will definitely stick with the Keto diet. I will keep updating this page at regular intervals.

What is the diet to cure diabetes

This is the diet to cure diabetes that I am using. My low carb diet on a usual day consists of the following: 3 fried eggs in butter with some sauteed mushrooms or Jordan marrows or bottle gourd with bacon or sausage. Afternoon boiled vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage together with either fried chicken, fish, beef or pork. Night about one handful of nuts (Almond, Cashew, Pea-Nuts) with a starch free vegetable soup or diluted homemade Yogurt drink flavoured with salt, chillies, ginger, small onions and curry leaves (a Kerala Recipe for a wonderful, refreshing and healthy drink). For flavouring all meals I add butter. Beverages throughout the day was plain water, diluted homemade Keral yogurt drink or black coffee with sucralose sweetener (Sugar Free Natura or Splenda). I stopped all hard drinks like Whiskey, Beer, etc.

What happens to Cholesterol on a Keto Diet

You are eating a lot of fats when on a keto diet. All this while we have been told that fat is bad for you, especially the saturated fats. But Keto diet asks us to eat more fats and even encourages us to use saturated fats like Butter. So, would not this Keto Diet lead to high Cholesterol Levels and make us suffer heart problems?

This is a very valid question and the answer to it is that in most cases there is an increase in the Total Cholesterol Levels, but the increase is in the good Cholesterol HDL and a reduction in the bad Cholesterol LDL. Keto Diet actually improves the Cholesterol HDL to LDL ratio. You can have have high total cholesterol but good ratio of HDL vs Total Cholesterol offsets any adverse effects of High Total Cholesterol. HDL LDL Ratio more important than total cholesterol level

Latest research findings point to the fact that the TriGlyceride to HDL ratio is the most important Cholesterol measurement to know about your risk for heart and metabolic health problems. The TG:HDL ratio is by far the best measure of your heart health. Individually the Triglyceride or HDL reading does not give much information about your health, but the ratio of Triglyceride divided by HDL gives a very accurate state of your health. You should target for a TG/HDR ratio of less than 2. The lower the better. This means that to be healthy you have to decrease Triglycerides and increase HDL. This is exactly what a Keto diet does. Listen to what the world's leading expert on diabetes cure says in the video below. She is credited with having done the first and presently the only existing large scale successful trial of diabetes cure with low carb diet. Her talks are featured on TED talks and she gets invited to speak by leading Universities and Hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg explains how Keto Diet improves Cholesterol levels

My views on Keto Diet

I am happy to report, that as of today, 5th September 2019, I am cured of Diabetes Type 2. From my experience, most doctors I consulted, do not encourage Keto Diet. Most of the specialist doctors I have visited do not keep upto date on the latest developments in the Medical world. Maybe they are too busy seeing 100s of patients daily and have no time to read up. Or maybe, it is because they are not computer savvy. I have always found that the younger doctors, with a fresh MD, more knowledgeable and willing to listen to you and trying to understand your problems, rather than the know it all attitude of Senior Specialists, who tell you what your problem is without listening to you too much.

Doing your own Google and Youtube medical research is tricky because most of the search results are from people trying to promote themselves or their products. Many search results are pure guess work or just scams. You have to be really careful on how you use treatment or medication from Google Searches. Always look for advise or see Videos released by leading Medical institutions like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard health and the like


Please note that I am no doctor and this is my personal experience and not a recommendation to anyone. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text are mine and mine alone. I followed this diet as an experiment on myself, because my health was in the dumps and I had nothing to lose.

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